Total Lifecycle Vehicle Management / Vehicle Recovery Services


The VRS program aka “Total Lifecycle Management” processes approximately 5,200 vehicles per year for Global OEMs. Our proven procedures allow DST to provide the most cost efficient and revenue generating business segment to our customers while not jeopardizing the manufacturer’s integrity of the sale of non-saleable or prototype components. These policies have helped DST to inherit the reputation as a world-class leader in recycling technology, offering an unparalleled range of services for the acquisition and disposal of test vehicles, as well as many other automotive services. DST industries is a leader in knowledge of the recycling industry, unique dismantling procedures, and expertise in identifying and properly disposing of prototype parts.


Vehicle Lifecycle Management Infographic

Experience and Skill


Thirty years in the automotive industry has given DST Industries the opportunity to gain the knowledge and expertise needed to meet all automotive manufacturers’ requirements effectively and on schedule. Our highly skilled mechanics are well versed in all makes and models and are committed to providing quality workmanship.


ISO certified and Fully Licensed


DST is ISO certified to the 9001-2008 Quality and 14001 Environmental standards and licensed for vehicle disposal. DST Industries meets or exceeds all local, state and federal requirements for vehicle and component sales and recycling.


Revenue Generation and Cost Avoidance from Recycling


Depending on the volume of vehicles, DST services have been able to provide our existing manufacture with an annual revenue stream of approximately $30.4M in revenue with the dispensation of resale vehicles, salvage components and recycled materials. We have been able to also provide an additional $6.0M in cost avoidance derived from the re-use of existing vehicles and materials for future vehicle and component development.


Compliant / High Quality Pre-Owned vehicles for Auction / Resale


DST’s proficiency in the repair and reconditioning of test vehicles provides our customers high quality used vehicles. A highly skilled team of individuals remove prototype and non-certified parts from the vehicles and install production components so the vehicle can be sold as a used vehicle. The prototype parts removed are destroyed on-site to limit any liability issues to the manufacturer.


Large Network of Trusted Suppliers


DST uses an experienced network of suppliers for the processing of scrap materials which brings high returns on behalf of the OEM. This process includes the recycling of different types of materials – precious metals (catalysts), aluminum, etc., marketing used parts (core) for component remanufacturing.