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Palm Springs Studio


Palm Springs Floorplan


DST Studios can assist in sourcing your production needs.


Also available, a one-third acre outdoor green location, one hundred yards from the sound stage, with superior mountain views


Palm Springs Floorplan

Sound Stage

  • 4,750 square feet w/23' grid
  • Three cyc walls in TV white
  • Central Air Conditioning


Still Photo Stage

  • 1,200 square feet w/23' grid
  • Two cyc walls in TV white


Both stages have access to:

  • Electrical capability of three 400 amp triple phase breakers for a total of 36 circuits
  • Large cast and crew lounge
  • Production office and conference area
  • Large set storage area
  • Men's and women's dressing/make-up rooms
  • Restrooms with shower
  • Wi-Fi for wireless computer use
  • Secure off-street parking
  • DST Studios building totals 11,000 square feet