Marketing Services


Marketing plays an increasingly important role in the automotive industry, acting as a key cog in “moving the metal” from showrooms to the customers’ garages.


DST Industries’ marketing support services can help deliver your products to where they need to be, looking their best and performing as they were intended, to help you move the metal.


We ensure your vehicles’ showroom finish and “off-the-line” performance before, during and after advertising shoots, auto shows, and many other events.


To maintain design integrity and aesthetic qualities, we exactly match manufacturer specifications, so you know your vehicles look and perform the way they should.


DST Industries puts your vehicles’ best wheels forward so they attract attention.


Every client vehicle receives the “white glove treatment” for an immaculate appearance. Our dedicated display teams keep your products looking great while on-site, leaving you to focus on what really matters - outshining the competition.


Marketing support services include:


Palm Springs Studio


We also offer dedicated, top-quality photo and video studio facilities to meet your marketing needs. Our satellite facility in Palm Springs, CA, houses film and video production facilities, including expansive sound (4,750 square feet) and photo (1,200 square feet) stages, private outdoor grounds with a mountain backdrop, and many other amenities.